"Which Vegan Protein Powder Should I Buy?"

If one more person asks me this question...I will turn them into protein powder (not the vegan kind).

Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh - instead, I'm going to share my thoughts in this post and ask you to never ask me again. Please and thank you. (I promise I have more to comment on than pea vs. hemp, goodness people!).

Anyways, in my humble opinion, I tend to stick with the rawest, purest, and more delicious of varieties. I generally opt for a mix of hemp, pea, cranberry, goji, maca - always raw and sprouted if possible, sweetened with just a touch of pure organic stevia if necessary, and maybe a tad bit of vanilla for good measure. I avoid the brown rice proteins if possible, as they are a bit starchy and carby for my liking...and since I'm probably going to add like 35989416418437 bananas to my smoothie, I need to make the sacrifice somewhere. 

Let's be real, I spend wayyyyy too much at my local health food store (I swear I keep that place going), so I'm probably a relatively good person to ask when it comes down to WHICH ONE TASTES THE BEST?! 

Hands down it's usually NAWT the one on sale - isn't that always the case?



Providing protein from 3 of my favourite sources: pea, hemp seed, and goji - this powder literally has it all. And by all I mean it doesn't have all of the unmentionables: it's gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, non GMO, no added sugar, and is USDA organic. Check x1000000.

It mixes sooooo smooth, for an extra sooooothing smoothie. Like seriously this is an orgasm in your mouth. I get the vanilla flavour but their plain is ACTUALLY not horrid like most other brands, and yes, the chocolate is good too. They also have berry and mocha for those of you feeling adventurous (but I'd rather NAWT).

DSC_1902_1 (1).JPG

YAY! Finally, a protein that has jumped onboard the probiotic bandwagon as much as I have! For when adding kefir, kimchi, kombucha and probiotic supplements to your diet isn't enough (or you just can't be bothered): opt for this delicious blend of protein-rich goodness. While it does contain brown rice protein, which isn't always my favourite, it still features a good healthy serving from pea, quinoa, and even more fun stuff like alfalfa juice, spirulina, and mung bean sprouts! Sounds gross. Tastes amazing. Here's a recipe I've shared in the past if you don't believe me.

As if this protein powder isn't already designed to get you on the path to becoming superhuman, I also like to add the brand's rad blend of greens+ O just cause #YOLO. The unflavoured type works sneakily fab in banana smoothies (as if there's any other kind) and I promise it has no weird swamp or grass like notes. Just plain alkalizing amazingness.

So there you have it - maybe not a long list, but those 2 protein powders are the only ones I opt for these days. Regardless of what's hot or not on the shelves, I somehow always resort back to what I know and love...and they never disappoint!