Does Ginger REALLY Do The Trick?! (+ A Recipe That DOES!)

What if we lived in a world where a small serving of a root vegetable (or herb?!) could make you feel less sick during times you feel - well, sick. I'm talking nausea, bloating, indigestion (I'll stop before I start busting out moves to the Pepto-Bismol song!) - instead of dosing up on gravel, what if there was a more natural (+ more delicious) way?!

Okay, you guessed it - that's what I'm about to imply...


Let's be real, sometimes they just don't "do the trick" as I say. Often times, you also need to LOAD UP on them like no tomorrow before you can expect results. As David Wolfe jokes: "Take 500 and email me in a month".

That's why I was always a bit weary of all the fantabulous health claims around the following root...


I turned to Sophie Ash from On Your Plate to get the real deal on this seemingly magical herb:

So YAY we can officially all jump on the ginger-lovin bandwagon. You know me and trends...I really would rather FOLLOW THE FAD IN ALL IT'S GLORY! 

Here's the recipe so that you can join me in this exciting ginger venture...