"Healthy" Diet Mistakes We're All Tragically Making...

Ever go out of your way to make that HEALTHIER choice...but not even sure why/if you're doing it right?!

Being "healthy" in today's world of shoving wellness trends at you left, right, and centre can get a little tricky. And by "tricky", I mean DOWNRIGHT ANXIETY-PROVOKING.

I poked fun at some of the ways I notice people go OUT OF THEIR way to make that "healthy" choice...often with little knowledge of the reasons behind it. My friend Tamara (who just so happens to be a famous model and vlogger @tamara.kb - woot woot!) asked me to share a bit of healthy shopping advice, and so I took her to my fave spot to shop healthy for less: Organic Garage! BUTTTTT I wasn't afraid to GET REAL with some of the most hilarious "diet trends" we're all falling victim of - and offer a few suggestions on how to make kinder choices, or just STOP STRESSING ALTOGETHER!

Check us out in Tamara's vlog below!!!

P.S. I am always super duper delighted at the prices at the Organic Garage in the Junction - seriously, they make life as a hustlin' little health-nut like myself that tad bit lmore bearable! 


My top pick from this week's shopping trip has to be Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo made with none other than: BLACK GARLIC! AH! You just can't make this stuff up people!!! I've loved Chosen Food's Avocado Oil Mayo ever since I started eating a more keto-ish diet (it's full of healthy fats + zero carbs...all with simple, easy to pronounce organic ingredients #YAS), but a BLACK GARLIC version?! Um. Where do I sign?! Any by sign I mean buy this stuff in bulk...by the crate loads...

It's currently on sale at OG and just under $8, so bring your crates and get loading friends!