Cannabis Tea - With or Without Cannabis.

In my journey exploring cannabis from a wellness perspective over these past several months - I was delighted to connect with Stephanie Heartsong from Vape Fusions. This woman is not only a trailblazer in the industry as a canna-entrepreneur and woman in weed - she is an incredibly spiritual being with so much to share and bring to this space.

I’ll let her take it from here…

“As an education advocate and empath, I embraced the evolution in my profession; the change was moving me from public school teacher to entrepreneur and I powerfully accepted it. No matter what I choose to do, my service to humanity remains clear around raising awareness and teaching healing ways for healthier living.


For well over 30 years, I have learned, practiced and shared the healing benefits of energy and sound therapy, Hatha yoga, meditation and herbal medicine. Fascinated by the healthier practice of vaping herbs, I developed a chakra balancing line of wholesome herbal remedies called Vape Fusions, ideal for vaping or sipping as medicinal teas. Today my professional practice includes medicinal marijuana education and selling safe, innovative medicinal marijuana products that help the body to heal naturally.”

Hemp Vs Marijuana; a Comparison  

Both Hemp and Marijuana are of the plant family Cannabaceae (Cannabis). However, hemp and marijuana are different in function and purpose. While both plants function to produce hemp and CBD compounds, the marijuana plant is the only one blessed with significant quantities of both the CBD compound and any significant amount of the psychoactive compound THC, which gives the user a feeling of being ‘high’ or ‘stoned’.

The hemp plant, which is virtually THC free but with a high CBD content, has many applications. Being blessed with very long, strong fibres it is used in the textile, paper, and construction industries; also, the hemp plant has healthy compounds used in the nutritional and beauty industries. Daily, science advances the health benefits of CBD as an anti-inflammatory, for example after strenuous exercise and for pain management.


The marijuana plant has the properties of the hemp plant yet additionally carries high levels of the psychoactive agent THC, concentrated in the flower blooms or ‘buds’. The marijuana plant has two main species; the Sativa (tall) or Indica (low to the ground and bushy). Within these, the strains can have a high ratio of THC to CBD or a high ratio of CBD to THC. There are many healing (medicinal) benefits to these plants.  

Benefits of CBD

Cannabidiol is known as CBD and is one of the 60 + natural compounds found in cannabis. The CBD compound, when refined to a pure, clean crystal powder is referred to as CBD isolate. This powder is easy to work with. It can be added to liquids, lotions, edibles, and creams.  When ingested or absorbed through the skin, CBD is absorbed by the “endocannabinoid” system naturally, which positively impacts the body’s neurological, physical and psychological processes/systems..

There is a gamut of information available on the internet describing the impact of cannabidiol on our human nervous system. I will not go into great detail here, but it is safe to say that CBD isolate has been specifically designed for high potency efficiency and is known as a non psychoactive substance. Studies show that CBD alleviates pain, aids stress relief, abates anxiety, heightens awareness and for some, supports emotional stability. There are many known ailments and diseases that have been positively impacted by regular doses of CBD.

The isolate products I love have been a blessing in my life and most effective. Fortunately I have not suffered from any debilitating diseases such as cancer. Many people, who have been deathly ill, experienced healing results by using “Full Spectrum” canna oils. In such products the natural agents and terpenoids (including THC) in high doses are combined. Unlike the isolate products, full spectrum solutions and products may vary in colour, texture and thickness due to the raw canna compounds and natural terpenoids. Daily scientific discoveries and research findings are confirming what canna pioneers in this industry have known for decades...the whole marijuana plant heals serious ailments such as cancer, epilepsy, MS and Alzheimer’s.


Our Smyle VLiquids are one of the first edible-vapable THC or hemp CBD isolate products. What sets these products apart is a nano technology formula that has no solvents or harmful chemicals and has been refined to its purest form and flavoured with natural steam distilled terpenes. I have enjoyed them in both ways. As vapour, Smyle THC or SMyle CBD is highly effective within 15 minutes of vaping as it is inhaled and directly released into the bloodstream. When used as sublingually our liquids and sprays are considered edibles. The medicinal effects follow within 20 to 40 minutes.

Whenever anyone ingests medicinal products, many factors are involved such as time of day, physical weight, emotional state of mind, intention and of course, the actual quality, dose and compound ingredients. Responses are unique to the consumer.

For people new to the world of medicinals…


I would recommend educating themselves first. Cannabis is always a safe choice when enjoyed as an herb. Taken in moderation, vaped or steeped as tea, I believe is ideal. It is a bonus to avoid the carcinogens of smoking a joint!

Researching online can be highly beneficial but overwhelming. Visiting a green wellness dispensary that makes it their mission to educate customers and patients is a win-win. Attending Trade Shows, conferences and wellness events is also a fabulous way to learn about many natural wellness products that helps the body heal itself as it was designed to do.

One such product, is our Vape Fusions Wholesome Herbal Teas.

This line of teas was designed to be vaped or sipped with our without cannabis. The ingredients were carefully selected and combined to complement or offer an aromatic experience and enhanced flavour profile when mixed with cannabis.

Each recipe contains its own intention, and is energetically tuned to affect the body-mind-spirit.

More than ever, customers enjoy these vape teas with CBD isolate or canna oil prior to meditating, attending a yoga class, engaging in a creative activity or before going to sleep. These are a uniquely personal and health aware product for a whole new generation.