Everything You Need to Hack Your Way to Happiness (Cannabis, Gut Health & Supplement Protocol): Tried & Tested Regimes from Bryan Hardy

Digestive issues? Anxiety issues? Just general not living YOUR BEST LIFE EVER EVERYDAY issues?!

There’s someone who’s sharing information that can and will most definitely help you - trust me, as a wellness enthusiast who has listened to allllll (okay, many) of the health podcasts, read the biohacker books, and connected (either via online stalking or in-person!) with several of the most progressive wellness experts and thought-leaders in the space…Bryan Hardy stands out LOUD AND CLEAR (& in his beautifully articulate way).

I discovered him through a particular episode on his podcast, Redefining Reality, in which he discussed integrating cannabis into a wellness lifestyle - and he shared all that…and loads more of juicy tid-bits extremely helpful for many of us who seek to advance our health and happiness (really though - who doesn’t?!).

It’s my pleasure to share the following interview with Bryan Hardy, who is truly an integrative health practitioner, educator and entrepreneur in the health and wellness space who loves to explore the cutting edge and connect that to ancient wisdom in order to create sustainable paths to optimal wellness as we venture forward. Not only does he host the Redefining Reality Podcast which I’ve become an avid fan of, he also speaks at events and conferences, formulates products, serves clients as a health coach and intuitive bodyworker - combining various “biohacking” tools and techniques in order to move people out of pain and towards relaxation and vitality.

Our (epically insightful) Q&A session explores cannabis-for-wellness, gut health, and vital supplements that many of us SHOULD go out of our way to take (seriously).

Without further ado…

Q: What are your recommendations for incorporating cannabis into a wellness lifestyle? (For someone new to/unfamiliar with cannabis).

A: Start slow, get a vape pen or a 1:1 THC:CBD oil extract and take very small doses. A couple mg of THC and CBD to get started and then wait and see how you feel.

Try attending a class at The House of Yoga (714 Bloor St West) and just have 1-3 puffs from the volcano and then focus in on your practice. This is what originally opened me up to the deeper, healing aspects of cannabis and this is how I still use it on a weekly basis is by combining it with a mindful movement practice such as yoga, pilates, strength training or dance.


Q: What are some ways to elevate the healing benefits of cannabis?

A: I love to combine Cannabis and particularly CBD oils (usually full spectrum, nano enhanced oil from industrial hemp) with a good coffee or tea elixir. I’ll use Chaga tea as my base, make a french press coffee, and then blend that up with 1 tbsp ghee, 1 tbsp MCT oil or powder, 1 scoop of protein powder (vegan blend or collagen), some vanilla stevia, ½ tsp ceylon cinnamon, 1 tbsp sunflower lecithin, 200mg L-Theanine, and then some combination of my fave adaptogenic powders such as Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Maca and/or Astragalus.


I blend all of that together so that it’s creamy and frothy and then I am set for a delicious day of energy, focus, clarity, and presence!

I will also sometimes use a drop of peppermint essential oil or just keep the bottle near my workstation so I can sniff it as I go throughout my day to keep coming back to a present, alert, and relaxed state.

As for timing, it’s either around 10am with that morning drink or else mid afternoon around 3-4pm.

If I’m going out dancing or training really hard or going to Ganja Yoga with Lu for her advanced Friday class I’ll take Cordyceps and/or Rhodiola as well to increase my endurance and power throughout the practice.

The other thing I like to do is mix my nano topical CBD cream with peppermint essential oil and apply it to my sore muscles or to my abdomen if I’m feeling sore or crampy or gassy. It works almost immediately every time!

I will also use this same mixture on my massage clients prior to doing deep tissue work so that we can relax the tissues and nervous system before I start digging around and breaking up the knots/adhesions in their body.

Q: How we can “hack” our way to happiness via the gut?

A: A happy body-mind depends on a happy gut. The majority of our neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, GABA, and Acetylcholine are manufactured through the digestive process and so if we’re not digesting and assimilating adequate nutrition due to improper diet or chronic stress or some kind of infection, be that parasitic, bacterial, viral or otherwise (all of these are more common than you might like to know) it is virtually impossible to feel balanced and content because your brain is going to be seriously stressed out due to the lack of essential nutrients.

We know through the work of such pioneers as Dr Kelly Brogan who wrote a great book called A Mind of Your Own, that the root cause of many cases of depression and anxiety is not a simple lack of a certain neurotransmitter like Serotonin, rather it is often a chronically inflamed gut and thereby a chronically inflamed and malnourished body.

I believe this is why taking high doses of nano CBD or nano curcumin, which are both potent anti inflammatories, can give us the nearly immediate experience of calming, relaxation, and pain relief. It’s because these substances are soothing inflammation in the digestive tract and then being absorbed and used throughout the body to encourage healing and repair that we get the subjective sense of wellness and centeredness.

Q: What are the top 5 supplements you recommend for most people?


1. Vitamin D3/K2

Many people take only 1 or 2 thousand IUs of D3 and never take K2. This is not nearly sufficient for those of us living in northern climates as most of us need closer to 6000 IU/day of D3 and 120 mcg of K2 (MK4/7 forms seem to be best absorbed).

Take this with a fat containing meal or with a tsp of fish/algae/flax oil for best absorption.

The K2 is important because it keeps Calcium from depositing in the wrong places such as in bone spurs, arthritic joints, or arterial plaques which can lead to increase heart disease risk. This is also why you should NEVER take Calcium on it’s own. It must be combined with other Bone Building Formulas.

2. Magnesium

This is referred to as the relaxation mineral and it’s used in the body in hundreds of processes. It is also depleted at a rate that corresponds to our stress levels and so in the modern world where stress runs high we need more Magnesium than ever to remain balanced.

Take at least 400-600mg (or 150mg / 25 lbs of body weight) of a good Magnesium Malate or Glycinate for daily maintenance and then use something like a topical Magnesium spray (Activation Products makes the best stuff I’ve found) to spot treat sore muscles or cramps and encourage faster recovery after exercise or an extremely stressful day.

3. Iodine

Iodine is an essential mineral for so many things, Dr Brownstein has a great book all about it that I encourage you to track down or at least to listen to him speak on YouTube. The fact is, most of us don’t get enough of it because it’s mostly found in sea vegetables like kelp and dulse.

To remedy the situation, I recommend supplementing with Lugols Iodine, making sure to follow proper dosage guidelines that you can read about here.

Iodine is essential for Thyroid hormone production and we currently see an epidemic of Hypothyroid symptoms because of numerous factors related to toxic exposure to Chlorine, Bromine and Fluoride in our food, air, and water.

Either get a pure Iodine supplement or else get a combo product such as Thyroid Synergy from Designs for Health or Thyro Support from AOR.

4. Active B Complex

B vitamins are used up and broken down rapidly. They are also essential for energy and metabolism to function optimally. As such, I recommend everyone get a good B Complex of the active or methylated form of the B’s, this means no more cheap drug store or Walmart brand vitamins.

Essentially, if it says Cyanocobalamin for the form of B12 in the product you can rest assured that it’s a lower quality formula that isn’t worth spending your hard earned dollars on. ;)

I like the product B Calm by Sisu, it uses active forms of the B’s and it also includes one of my favourite adaptogenic herbs, Rhodiola Rosea which synergizes nicely and provides even more energy and endurance throughout your day.

Take 1 capsule with breakfast and another with lunch for best effects.

5. Adaptogenic Herbs

This one is tough because there are so many awesome herbs and mushrooms and personally I take 3 or 4 in combo each day depending on what I want to feel/work on. That said, a great starting point for most folks would be Reishi Mushroom extracts.


Reishi is a truly amazing mushroom with effects that add up the longer you take it, just like any other tonic herb. The thing about Reishi that I love is its ability to relax and calm the body-mind.

There’s an ancient Chinese Proverb I heard recently that said “Reishi is the medicine to protect the academic from his own mind.” Now if that isn’t relevant to the kind of stress and anxiety and compromised immune systems that most people are dealing with today then I don’t know what is.

It works great in smoothies, coffee, hot chocolate, or Chaga tea (another fascinating fungi) and can be taken morning, afternoon or night.

I personally use 1-2 scoops of Reishi extract powder along with 5-10 drops of vanilla stevia 1-2 times per day in an elixir or smoothie or vegan ice cream recipe.

I recommend trying it out from my friends at Vita Jing as it will help keep you grounded, centered, and sleeping like a champion!

And if you want to try some of these awesome herbs and mushrooms and save some cash, you can use code “hardy” on anything in the Vita Jing store to get 10% off your order.

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