The Cheapest Life Upgrade from the Upgraded Woman Herself


Biohacking isn’t only for the badass silicon valley guys - us women can do it too (and we do…pretty darn beautifully).

I connected with Lane Kennedy, AKA ‘Upgraded Woman’ to get her ultimate tip for upgrading our everyday life - simple, fast, and on-a-budget (because I already spend way too much at Whole Foods #SorryNotSorry).

Her answer?


Get some quality zzz’s my friends, and the rest of your life (in daylight hours) will thank you for it.


Of course, easier said than done. So here’s 3 tips she recommends to master the rest you deserve.

  1. Black out your room (I recently invested in black-out curtains - a must for good shut-eye).

  2. Get off your devices (if you must look at your screens prior to bedtime - make sure to block that blue light, either with funky blue light ‘TrueDark’ glasses that Dave Asprey uses and sells, and/or download f.flux which is free, or my personal favourite - Iris).

  3. CBD oil (before bed, and/or during the day…slash all day everyday because this stuff is pure gold).

Now when it comes to hemp - which is the CBD oil that Lane recommends, she urges you to ensure that you’re buying a quality product. That means you should be able to ask for and see quality control documentation and/or the Certificate of Analysis. Don’t be afraid to be choosey people!

While Lane keeps her Hemp CBD oil use simple - “just straight up cannabinoids” she says, when I pushed her to advise on favourite epic CBD concoctions and cocktails of all sorts…she did mention that weaving it into her meditation practice is an upgrade to the…well…upgrade.


Lastly, on the hemp front - her top tip is to use it at the tip top of the morning!

“Take it first thing in the morning - before you get going and before you put anything else into your body.”

So there you have it friends - get dark, get sleepy, and always have a super duper best ever quality CBD oil at your bedside (slash by your side wherever/whenever).

To learn more about the epic FEMALE biohacking knowledge Lane Kennedy is bringing to the boss lady table, check out her website UPGRADED WOMAN.