CBD X Swimwear?!

What are your thoughts and impressions around cannabis?

Likely, they could use a rethink.

Thankfully, there’s loads of really awesome, inspiring, empowering brands out there today that are cutting through the stigma and presenting cannabis - in particular, CBD - in a new light.

One interesting example is that of Mary Jane Swim, which is a lifestyle brand at the forefront of the movement to normalize Cannabis and CBD. 


“Supporting the wellbeing of athletes, and the role of CBD in maintenance and recovery, is a big part of our mission. A portion of Mary Jane Swim proceeds are donated to Athletes for Care.” 

I connected with the 2 co-founders, Stacey Demar & Diane Walker, who brought their background in sports and fitness alongside fashion in NYC to bring this passion project to life. The idea first came about after Stacey started using CBD regularly in 2017. Below are some of her thoughts on this trendy yet often confusing topic…

What are the main things we need to “rethink” when it comes to cannabis, and how do you see this unfolding?


We need to rethink and redefine stoner culture. We’re both very productive and active, counter to the "typical stoner culture". This is why we created Mary Jane and why we support Athletes for Care, to help normalize cannabis.

A portion of our sales will benefit Athletes for Care, an organization started by former professional athletes who advocate for research, education and compassion in relation to health issues. They’re pro-cannabis but they’re also looking after the health issues that former athletes are facing as well as the general public with our opioid crisis.

Stacey had a chronic hip/back injury and after discovery CBD in April 2017, she wasn’t afraid to admit: “It changed my life - by decreasing daily pain and anxiety associated with my injury. I take a daily morning tincture and vape at night.”

Diane takes CBD for overall wellness. She also does a daily tincture and uses topical creams.

For those new to the emerging CBD landscape, what are the truths to be told NOW?!

Please do not be afraid to try CBD! It will not get you high unless of course you choose to combine it with THC. Research the best either marijuana or hemp based CBD that works for you. Also find out the best delivery method that works best for your needs (vape, pills, topical, etc.).


Mary Jane Swim’s Journey into the Future…

Cannabis/CBD hasn’t really crossed over into fashion fully yet. We are trying to change that. It’s really big in New York and LA in food, beverage, fitness, and in beauty - but it has only just popped up in fashion. Our vision is to continue to incorporate the flower in a subtle beautiful way into our designs and brand - to ultimately help de-stigmatize cannabis.