Candles that do SO. MUCH. MORE.

Candles are great. Candles that you can use to elevate the ambience of your space, and then lather all up over your body…now we’re talking.

Best of all, the following candles are infused with potently healing CBD! Um…yes.

I connected with the founders of Kannai to learn more about one of the most interesting and multi-purpose CBD wellness items I’ve come across on the market thus far…


"We have two types of candles that we offer, CBD and Hemp Massage Candles. Our candles are a soy wax + shea butter base, infused with hemp seed + essential oils. All of our ingredients used are cosmetic grade, and will absorb completely into the skin with no residue or waxy film. You also get the aromatherapy benefit from the essential oils integrated into the product. We offer three scents : Relax, Chill, Live. The Relax is Lavender + Chamomile, Chill is Lemongrass + Green Tea, and Live is Orange + Gojiberry. Our candles can be incorporated into any type of mood you may be feeling or want to experience.” Explains co-founder Alyssa.

To use the candle: You simply light the candle and leave burning until you have a small pool of oil (roughly about 2-5 minutes), blow out the candle and let cool for 30 seconds - dip your finger in or use the small spoon provided in your order, and massage into the skin! Since it is infused with shea butter, the candles do not get to a high temperature like a traditional candle.

How did this epic idea manifest?!

Two of us have been in the cannabis industry for a few years, and know the amazing benefits cannabis can have, specifically CBD. We saw there was something missing in the industry and found a lot of products only had one use. We had the idea that we could create a product that would have multiple uses, as well as offer relief. We partnered up with our friends who were already in the industry of making candles, and came up with the idea of Kannai CBD and Hemp Candles.

What do new consumers to the CBD space need to understand about topical products?

They need to understand the amazing benefits of CBD topicals, and how they can improve your quality of life!

We have found that anyone can benefit from using CBD- whether they are someone who suffers from chronic pain, an injured athlete, a stressed working mom, or someone who just wants an alternative to medication - it can be beneficial for them. Since it does not have any psychoactive ingredients and doesn’t get you “high”, people who are curious about the benefits of marijuana have the option for pain relief without the high. Just as with any “medicine” you always want to do your research. You want to make sure that you use products with CBD that has been quality tested and has passed. Since it does absorb into the skin, you also want to ensure that the products are also using cosmetic grade ingredients. Luckily, since CBD is becoming more federally regulated (US), a lot of products are now being tested.


What’s the difference between your CBD vs Hemp products?

The key difference between our two candles are best distinguished by the consumers needs and if they are interested in exploring CBD or want to experience the massage candle in hemp only. Our CBD infused candles would be more pain relief focused, the Hemp would be more of a spa/relaxing candle that is more moisturizing focused.


Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds that are found in marijuana derived products. Terpene profiles that work most synergistically with CBD that we have found are Linalool, which is the most effective in being topically applied in CBD/THC products. Linalool is best used for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. We like to further that terpene by infusing with lavender, amplifying its effects.

Personal favourite Kannai candle and why?

Oh, that is a hard one to answer. We all have our favourites - but if I had to say just one, my personal favourite is the Relax - mainly because I love lavender anything and I love taking personal time to just relax and unwind. Another favourite from our team is the Live - it smells amazing and since it is citrusy, it does awaken your senses and energize you to get up and get motivated.

Final last words on CBD:

The biggest thing I have found is that anyone, any age can incorporate CBD into their lives. We have found that our consumers are in the younger age range, as well as the mature age range, and all have different lifestyles. CBD can be used for pain relief, anxiety, and overall wellness.