Blissed TV

Blissed is a lifestyle brand designed to change the way people think about cannabis.


It was created by TV producers Tom Mudd and Adrian Carter, and cannabis entrepreneur, Basem Hanna.

With all the taboo talk surrounding marijuana and what it has often been associated with, they wanted a brand that their amazing wives would be comfortable with and inspired by - something that felt a little luxurious; that showed that cannabis doesn’t have to be something people keep on the down-low. When the brand took off, they knew they wanted to work alongside strong women that not only believe in the brand, but could help bring it to life with their vision in mind.

I first came across Blissed in my recipe search for DIY healthy edibles, and so it only made sense to reach out to them and get some more delicious info - specifically when it comes to recommended tips & tricks for cooking with cannabis (a question I’ve been getting loads at recent CBD wellness workshops I host!)…


“We don’t know the exact smoke point of cannabis oil. However, the active compounds will break down when they reach 300 degrees Fahrenheit, rendering them useless. Our recipes include the addition of cannabis oil - whether that be THC or CBD - but we don’t recommend adding it to a dish until the very end for this reason. We’ve created a dosage calculator on our website, where you input the mg/ml of THC or CBD along with a little bit of info about you, and we provide a dose that is best suited to each individual.”

Q: Are there any foods/ingredients in particular that elevate the effects of cannabis?

A: “Foods like eggs, avocados, soybeans and sunflowers all contain Lecithin, which acts as a binding agent to keep ingredients stuck together, and plays a role in increasing the potency of the edibles you make - heightening the effects of THC, and increasing the absorption of CBD.”

Q: Any cautions around ingesting cannabis through food?

A: “First things first: you cannot ingest a lethal dose of cannabis. But it is possible to have too much, making your experience not as fun as you hoped. For that reason, Blissed is all about moderation! Start low and go slow! Use our dosage calculator to find the right amount for you.”

Blissed was created as a way to change the way people think about cannabis. Cannabis has been stigmatized with the word “stoner” overly powerful pot brownies. Blissed is a brand focusing on educating, entertaining and inspiring anyone interested in making cannabis a part of their lifestyle! Showing you the safe way to enjoy edibles to the fullest, so that it is a repeatable experience that is fun every time.

“There are tons of ways of incorporating cannabis with your health and wellness routines. Whether it’s simply for a good nights sleep, to chronic pain relief and recovery, it can be a miracle worker that some are simply a little apprehensive to try.”

My personal fav recipe on their site is the Grilled Romaine with Fried Capers and Radishes! I like to add my CBD oil as the very last step :)


You can find @blissedtv on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube.