3 Easy Ways to Get More Of Exactly What You Want

Ever wonder why sometimes things in life just go so beautifully according to plan - or, even better: better! …Compared to those days/weeks/months(/years?!) that the whole world feels against you?

Hint: it’s not the world - it’s you. And I mean that from the kindest, most caring, deeply empathetic part of my heart.

Look, we all have good days and bad days…but I’ve found a few simple “tricks” to have more of the former - and they work SO well, it would be a crime NOT to share them…

I’m about to let you in on a little (epically important) secret to getting a whole lot more of what you want - and a whole lot less of what you don’t want.


Of course you do, so listen up!



Treat yourself to a daily gratitude practice. Yup, it sounds a little ‘woo-woo’ - and it is.

It also works.

Expressing gratitude for the things you already have in life, and are literally grateful for, not only reminds you why you ARE happy (like, as of the current), it also makes you MORE happy for what you can and do enjoy TODAY - i.e. right now…because there’s no time like the present!

Take a pause on your quest for greatness and smell the roses that are right under your nose - you’d be surprised what beauty you’re already right in front of - no further effort required.


However you wish, but I’m a lover of keeping things SIMPLE: I spend just a mere 2-3 minutes each night before bed thinking about a couple things that happened during my day that I’m thankful for. When I wake up in the morning, prior to scrolling Instagram, I make a conscious choice to reflect on all the glorious things I have, beings I’m honoured to know, and the beauty in the world at large.

*Seriously, this doesn’t need to be complicated or breathtakingly spiritual by any means.

Last night I was grateful that my mum so lovingly appreciated (and surprisingly enjoyed) the bone broth I made for her, and then when I woke up this morning, I was still stoked about the awesome quality time I had with my friend Yasaman as we took a mini road trip up North the day prior.

BOOM and I’m done and grateful. Check.


You can’t have what you don’t know you want. So figure it out and WANT IT HARD.

By that I mean, know exactly what you want - or at least try your best to figure it out. Even if that means wanting to know what you want. Picture yourself knowing exactly what it is you want, how you’ll feel when you know it, what you’ll do when you feel it, what you’ll look like knowing and doing it, etc. etc. etc.

If you already know what you want - OWN IT! Dream big - then dream bigger, because it doesn’t take any extra effort (and it’s pretty great).

I for one used to set “reasonable limits” on my own personal aspirations…and for what?! Who the heck knows - I sure didn’t!

Sometimes just getting past the point of allowing yourself to want what you truly want is the hardest part - once you acknowledge and accept those “wishes”, you can put one foot in front of the other to go and get ‘em!



I learned this one from my good friend Karen Oliver from Aura Beads. It’s similar to the previous tip, which basically just means: DON’T DIM YOUR LIGHT!

Rather than wording your dreams and aspirations like they’re in the future tense, bring those gems right here into the present!

It’s easiest to explain with an example, let’s say you want to make $X this month. Well then, instead of saying to yourself: “I want to make $X this month”, try something a little more powerful and that you can truly feel and get behind, like: “I will be making $X this month by doing ‘Y’”. If you don’t quite know exactly how you’re going to accomplish your goal - no biggie, just fill it in with what makes sense while being as specific as possible. Maybe that’s just “by doing something I love”. Totally cool and valid - the details will come soon enough.


Another brilliant tip I learned from Karen…it’s called the MBO trick, and by no word of a lie this has already helped dozens of my friends who put it into action - from landing their dream job, getting a condo, and even finding their “purpose” (come on - as if I could make this stuff up?!).

I’m not saying it’s the answer to everythinggg (although, like, it is) - it’s certainly worth giving a shot, and I like it because it automatically brings magical positive vibes to whatever it is you’re working towards.

It’s quite simple, all you do is say (out loud): “I now request the most benevolent outcome for ‘X’ - thank you, thank you, thank you”.

It’s important that you say it out loud (so that the universe/angels/whoever the heck else is listening can HEAR you), and that you end with 3 thank-you’s - it’s only polite.


Okay, there you have it - 3 solid (+ a stellar bonus) strategies for loving your life just that little precious bit more today, for so much more glory ahead.

Why am I going on about all this “miracle” BS?!

Take it or leave it, I’ve found that the more I call in positivity, and act with gratitude, confidence and pride in my dreams - and ain’t afraid to “say a little prayer” when the time is right (or when I fancy a bit of help from my fairy friends) THE MORE I receive. Abundance feeds off of happiness. Let the light shine in and feed your soul for greatness ahead - whilst enjoying all the beauty that’s so magically already there.

If there’s even just a piece of you that “gets” even just a teeny tiny piece of what I just shared…know you’re not alone (nor crazy) - and you KEEP DOING YOU!