Bone Broth In Your Smoothies + Raw Balls (I'm Serious).

Love bone broth but can't be bothered to make it yourself, and still can't stomach the powdered variety...or dare to fork out the cash to buy it ready made?

Meet the latest and greatest in protein powder developments: step aside cricket protein because there's a new jaw-dropping powder in town and it's bone broth protein...that tastes nothing like bone broth. It's the main staple in Ancient Nutrition's collection, from Cafe Mocha to Peanut Butter to Nitro Beet to Sweet Greens and everything in-between - this is not your granny's soup. This is powdered health people, and it tastes flipping delicious. 

Better yet, it's vetted by none other than Dr. Axe - everyone's favourite wellness guru! He teamed up with Jordan Rubin of The Maker's Diet Revolution to bring this product to life - so that you can upgrade your shakes with the power of bone broth, without all that...well, liquid broth. 

I reached out to these 2 seriously rad dudes to get their take on exactly why they made it...

Our Bone Broth Protein is a breakthrough product in protein supplementation that delivers homemade bone broth in a convenient, easy-to-mix form. 

For as long as humans have been cooking food over fire, bone broth—the simmering stock of bones from fish, beef, chicken, turkey and other animals that are typically discarded—has been a daily part of life. And it's celebrated by cultures around the world.

Bone broth may be the “hottest trend in health” today, even though it is centuries old. In fact, just about every culture throughout history has used a form of bone broth.

Bone Broth Protein begins as a true bone broth liquid. It’s then dehydrated, making it into a concentrated source of high-quality, tasty powder. A quality Bone Broth Protein powder comes with the benefits of a homemade broth, but it’s even more versatile in so many recipes. 

Our Bone Broth Protein supplies 20 grams of bone broth-fueled protein.

One thing that actors, professional athletes, executives and television personalities all have in common is high-performance lifestyles. So, it is little wonder that the media seems to be reporting almost daily on the celebrities that are making bone broth a central component of their health and fitness program.

You’ll also see bone broth very well represented on the covers of magazines and books if you take a stroll down the aisle of your local bookstore. Meanwhile, a surprising number of “broth cafes” have opened up in New York City as people are trading in their morning cup of coffee for the benefits that bone broth can deliver!

The world of health and fitness is often dominated by fads and trends; however, we believe that bone broth is not going away any time soon.

For most people, there are two major obstacles to experiencing the benefits of bone broth: the time to make it at home and the expense to buy it pre-packaged.

With our Bone Broth Protein formula, time and expense are no longer an obstacle to getting the benefits of bone broth. 

Here are the many benefits:

  • Mixes Great in Water, Juices, Smoothies or Your Favourite Recipes

  • 20g of Protein per Serving, 2g Carbs, 1g Sugars, NOT A LOW-CALORIE FOOD

  • Paleo Friendly

  • Featuring Collagen Type II; Glucosamine; Chondroitin; Hyaluronic Acid; And 19 Amino Acids

  • Non GMO

  • Certified USDA Organic

  • BPA Free Container

  • Gluten Free and Dairy Free

  • NOTICE: Use this product as a food supplement only. Do not use for weight reduction.

Sounds fantastic, but how can you be sure that bone broth is indeed right for YOU?! Well, if you could use a bit of support in the following areas, then the answer is a clear YASSSS:

  • »  Healthy joints, skin, hair, nails, digestion and muscles

  • »  Protein synthesis

  • »  Microbiome (think: gut-friendly!)

  • »  Immune system function and detox

Hint: The answer is most likely definitely yes. Especially if you like raw balls...which their turmeric flavour (Jordan's top pick!) goes perfectly in.

Ancient Nutrition Chaga Chai Protein Balls

 Get the recipe  here .

Get the recipe here.

If you'd like to try some yourself, I swung a sweet deal - use promocode MindfullyAxe to get 10% off your first purchase! I recommend going for their sampler pack like I did, which of course includes the Turmeric variety I used in the above recipe, as well as Dr. Axe's personal favourite, Dark Chocolate, and the hands-down winner for me: nitro beet (mix it with a bit of raw cacao, coconut milk and some frozen squash and you're GOLDEN!).