The Premium Skincare Product That's Actually Worth the Jaw-Dropping Price Tag


What's the surefire way to tell if a skincare product is worth it's weight in gold?

You can't stop thinking about it. You can't find a replacement or worthy runner up. Oh, and it works - just as magically as the first time, every time.

The following product is what you'll find on the toiletry cabinet of the rich and famous, or that gorgeously fabulous goddess woman you aspire to be (or be with). It's one of those exquisitely branded, luxuriously crafted, and perfectly executed items that it is best to stay completely ignorant to.


Unfortunately, I was summoned to try out a sample after getting friendly with an assistant at The Detox Market, and made the mistake of following through. The results - and consequences - have been unlike anything I could have ever imagined, and although I'm in two minds to 'show you the light' and reveal exactly what it is I'm talking about (because I do emphasize with my fellow budget-boss babes), it's too transformational not to make financial room for.

First off, let me declare that I for one am not ashamed to spend way too much at Whole Foods and admit to the fact that my local health and supplement store makes a killing off of my indulgences - but I know where to draw the line. There are certain brands and items that are expensive, and then there is downright ridicule. The following brand is arguably somewhere in-between, but it's SO effective, that I've figured out a way to make it work and set aside the funds to make sure it's in my cupboard at all times.

Let me outline the specific 3 reasons it's worth the splurge - at least for me:

  • It leaves the skin on my face noticeably transformed in all of the best ways possible --> clears acne (reduces redness, brightens dark spots, heals inflammation and hyper-pigmentation) without over-drying - in fact, it's extremely hydrating and conditioning, leaving my skin smooth and silky (in that perfect Kardashian dewey way). Seriously, in ONE use. This is better than any 5-star spa facial I have ever saved up for.

  • It is incredibly simple and "user-friendly". My past experiences with either super extravagant masques require refrigeration, are finicky to apply, and/or are a total pain to wash off. Never the case with this special potion. It's looks and keeps beautifully on your bathroom countertop, is a total aromatherapy treat to apply, essentially gives your face a loving and warming delicate massage, and then is quick and effortless to remove - a soft wipe with a warm cloth is all it takes. Not that you ever WANT to take it off.

  • It's all natural baby. Yup, once again - "green, clean, detox-free beauty" is showing us how it's done. All ingredients are carefully selected and are: Organic. Bio-dynamic. Wild Crafted. Cruelty free. Sustainable. Conscious. Going further, each bottle is inspired, formulated, hand blended and lovingly filled from the founder's private studio in micro-batches for ultimate freshness and efficacy.

File May 12, 11 53 23 AM.jpeg

Are you ready to hear what it is?

First, promise me that you'll consider the investment in yourself. Not for Insta-worthy self-care, but for the opportunity to extravagantly treat yourself and honour the skin you're in

[Alternatively, to woo the heart of another - or can always woo me with this stuff...]

Alright, it's time you knew...

Meet May Lindstrom - the brand on a quest to inspire living self-care rituals, reveal radiant skin and ignite recognition of our individual beauty. 

I reached out to the lovely May herself and asked how and when she feels the most beautiful...

IMG_0736 - Copy.jpg

"I believe beauty is what happens when our inner light and innate goodness resonates so deeply that it shines right through our cells, creating ripples of love that are visible throughout the world. This is something we can help to facilitate by immersing in our own love story and connecting to our skin and all the power it holds. When I slow down and allow myself to fully feel the energy moving inside me, I simultaneously notice the sparkle on the outside."

"Romance yourself to the point of blushing. Be authentically you, with a conscious commitment to recognize, embrace, and celebrate your own individual radiance."