The Layers of Your Skincare Regime: How To Order Your Products Effectively

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A little while back I wrote a post on 'How to Understand The Ordinary Products (DECIEM) & Which Ones Are Right For Your Skin Type' and it's been getting loads of attention - woohoo! 

It's also garnering loads of other questions - some I'm happy to elaborate on, and others that I myself would like to in particular was about how to order the layers of your skincare products. Admittedly, it can get a bit confusing - especially if you're using a whole bunch of different creams/serums/acids/etc.

I reached out to skincare guru to the stars Jeanet from Jeanet Spa, so that she clear things up for all of us:

The question regarding order of skin care product application isn’t always a simple one. Individuals have unique skin profiles. Skin types include dry, normal, combination and oily, and skin conditions include rosacea, sensitive, acne and hyper-pigmentation.

So, depending on what you are treating determines the order of which product is applied to the skin and when. To further complicate the matter, it also depends on the skin care line that the aesthetician is working with and what products are available in the line.


Rule of thumb is; we treat and nourish the skin at night, and during the day we hydrate and protect.

So, to simplify a relatively basic skin care regime for an individual who may be concerned with aging. 


Wash, tone, retinol, moisturizer.


Wash, tone, hydrating serum, moisturizer, SPF. 

Whatever skincare regime and/or product line you choose, the above protocol should serve as a useful guide for when it's not clear on the box!