Introducing Yoga Star + The New Online Yoga Platform To Transform Your At-Home Yoga Practice

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Do you find it difficult to make it out to yoga classes? Whether it's too early in the morning before work, or if you're just too hungry/tired directly after can sometimes be a challenge to reserve the time for a yoga class - especially factoring in travel time back and forth.

The solution, in theory, is simple: master your self-practice in the comfort of your own home.

But like all things - it sounds better than it is in reality. Going to your own flow can be either boring or downright dangerous - and without a set class time to hold you accountable...your blissful yogi dreams may fall by the waste-side.

That's why I have a better solution in mind...

An online platform full of beautifully rich, inspiring, and empowering yoga & meditation classes to keep your practice fuelled - even when time or travel is not your friend.

I connected with the entrepreneurial yogi's behind Yoga Star Online to get the scoop on what's about to nameste the world wide web...

First things first, meet Emily - one of the teachers behind this new virtual studio, who shares her experiences on how this all came to be:

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"Working on the Yoga Star videos was actually quite a special experience. Early on at Yoga Star, a regular student seemed familiar and we realized he had been a DOP (director of photography) on something I had worked on. Jason and I had a chuckle over that and he continued building his practice. We've shared many classes together and I only learned while he was shooting these videos that those were his first yoga classes! He was so capable so I kept adding on more things for him to be trying. His love and appreciation for yoga come through in the care he put into capturing the classes. How lucky are we to have such a talented person in our community!"

"There are lots of interesting, lovely people at Yoga Star. Between the teachers, students, staff, wellness team there are so many kind talented people."

What makes Yoga Star Online different from other digital wellness platforms?

"Most importantly the shooting style really makes a difference. Jason was really capturing the classes with a student's mind and got tons of important close ups to help people understand what they're doing. It will mean a much better understanding of the finer points of alignment."

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There is such a beautiful array of different styles and voices offered by the wonderful teachers that have been assembled. Everyone has different needs and there was a real effort to bring together offerings to better people's health. At different times we need different things so it is important to have options. It also means there is room for growth. There are great classes to play and strengthen that Tyler and Rachel have put together."

Making Your At-Home Practice Extra Special

"I think it is important to have a calm space. Move what you need out of the way, let the light come in. At Yoga Star they have a custom scent and I often light sage or sweetgrass. It is important to do something that shows you this time is special."

How to Commit to Your Practice

"Put it in your calendar and be realistic about the flow of your day. Make a goal of how many videos you'd like to try that week and tell a friend so that you're more accountable."

Yoga 'Swag' That's Worth it

"At home I always light sage or sweetgrass or palo santo. A dear friend I did my training with now has a business making yoga props. She is a special person, just filled with light and love, you know? So I feel cozier with my 'samyoga' scarves keeping me warm. Her eye pillows I actually use at nighttime for sleeping as well as yoga!"

Starting The Day

"What better way to get the blood and breath moving than with yoga. Whatever you find active is good. I have a nice Flow sequence that is simple but gets a good stretch on. Ana has a great ‘Rise and Shine’ video, great start to the day!"

Mid-Day Movement

"The body is more limber as the day goes on. Be sure that you don't eat 1.5 - 2 hours before you do a class (especially an active class). My active online classes either one of the three ‘Vinyasa Foundations’ series. Or Yogastaronline has Jon’s short meditation videos that guides people to reset on your lunch breaks or after work."

Winding Down

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"I have a great restorative sequence that will be up in a month and more to come! I understand every month there will be new classes for every member to try."

Yoga Star Online officially launches TODAY!

You can go ahead and get started on your free 10-day trial membership which includes 5 videos, sample tips, and up to 1080p video streaming by signing up here.

Here are some final tips from Emily herself about making the most of your subscription:

"Your subscription is a chance to try everything! Check out all the videos. Hearing things said different ways helps us learn more. Every month more there will be new releases to keep you playing and building."

"Be kind and patient with yourself. You are trying new things and the great thing is that yoga is happening no matter how flexible you are. If you can feel your body and you can breathe and relax into it then you're calming your mind, you're doing it! The body will open up over time, you are just using the practice to quiet down, to be able to connect your mind your breath your body together."