While You Were Sleeping: Detox + Support + Ground

We all know how important sleep is to our health. Yet, we’re all still investing in fancy phones and elaborate transportation to a much greater extent than that one thing that will keep us thriving: proper rest.

While the ‘self-care’ trend is in full-swing, I think sleep deserves a heck of a lot more attention - for the health and longevity of us all.

I connected with Holistic Sleep Coach and Managing Director at SAMINA, Claus Pummer, to learn about a sleep system that is revolutionizing the mattress industry. In fact, SAMINA doesn’t consider itself in the “mattress industry” at all (which is devastatingly corrupt, as Claus share’s here - when I interviewed him a few months back). Instead, SAMINA is a true health offering, and they are leading educators in progressive wellness.


Finally, I had the chance to try out this epic sleep system everyone from bio-hackers to natural health advocates can’t stop talking about.

The experience itself was surprising: it provided the perfect amount of comfort and support - needless to say the best “bed” I’ve ever laid on.

The true benefits though, are not necessarily immediately “felt” and go way beyond the comfy embrace the bed holds you in.

After learning more about the science behind SAMINA, here’s why I’m saving $200/month for the next 4 years so that I can get my hands on one of these transformational sleep systems for myself...

1. The Real Deal Detox

When we sleep, we detox; that’s a given. It’s a natural process that goes on in your liver, and as long as you’re actually sleeping at around 2am (the optimal time when this process takes place) - you don’t need a swanky sleep system. With that said, as you “detox” (naturally), you sweat, well: toxins.

And guess where those toxins are ending up?

You guessed it! Your bed.

What makes SAMINA so attractive to me is that it’s untreated and natural sheep's wool topper ensures adequate moisture absorption. It has the ability to absorb around 30% of its own weight in liquid and release it back into the air.

This means that it has moisture and temperature-regulating properties. The sheep's wool topper makes the bed climate warm and dry and creates a balance between room and body temperature. As a bonus, it has antibacterial properties, and hence isn’t a breeding ground for germs and mites.

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather NOT cuddle up to last night’s toxins and sleep clean instead.

2. Sleep Uninterrupted

I tend to wake up here and there throughout the night. Needless to say, this can get annoying.

If you’re the same, while it may not be clear in the moment why you’ve woken up - the reason is likely that you’re fidgeting.

But it’s not your fault!

See, regular beds can feel ‘pokey’ - even if you don’t notice right away. As you (try to) relax into them, your body will inevitably find pressure points (think: someone poking you) and hence you’ll wake up in order to readjust and avoid pain.

Not with the SAMINA - it’s natural rubber mattress is made from 100 percent sustainably sourced rubber latex. The material has excellent spring-back properties and high point elasticity.

This means: It yields exactly where the body exerts pressure – and takes pressure off. It provides support wherever no pressure is exerted. As a result, the mattress not only enhances the effect of the SAMINA slat frame: The muscles relax and the spine is in an orthopedically correct position. It also ensures that venous and arterial blood circulation is not restricted during sleep.

Furthermore, it’s natural rubber mattress is thick enough for comfort and yet thin enough that you still get the orthopaedic support from the slats below. Not only is it made from certified organic latex which is a naturally antimicrobial material but it also serves an important purpose – to promote even circulation and prevent pressure points, arm/leg numbness, which causes sleep disruption thereby allowing you to have more restful sleep.

3. Sleep Grounded; Like in Nature


Whether we like it or not - technology has its downsides. While some of us are diligent enough to turn our phone on airplane mode and turn off our wifi router when we sleep - I must admit, I often fail to protect myself from EMF’s as much as I know I should!

Guess what? SAMINA even comes to your saving grace for us as bioelectrical organisms! You can even upgrade your sleep further with a Lokosana® grounding pad, which mimics the inherent electrical grounded state of the body during sleep.

The basic idea of the Lokosana® grounding pad is to improve the quality of sleep through grounding (also known as “earthing”) and the desired stabilization of natural magnetic fields that can disrupt natural sleep patterns. Grounding the body at night restores it to its inherent electrical grounded state so it’s more able to compensate for free electrons and the unwanted electric field influences. Scientific studies, for example, investigations by the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, have shown that when we ground ourselves, free electrons flow more easily in our bodies. Thus, the body can use the electromagnetic quality of the earth provided by Lokosana® for a better and deeper sleep.

After trying out and truly seeing with my own eyes (and feeling the genuine support for the whole of my body) the SAMINA sleep system - I no longer think the idea of a $10K bed is ridiculous. Rather, it’s a lifetime health investment that is well worth the savings.