How You Can Keep it Real with Ayurveda: A New Morning Routine + a Fool Proof Way to Release Tension

Whether or not you’re familiar with Ayurveda, you can still reap the benefits of one of the world's most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems, just by incorporating simple practices into your own life - “yogi” or not.

After hearing one too many overly enthusiastic reviews of Laya Spa & Yoga, a wellness centre incorporating Ayurvedic-inspired beauty, I knew I had to reach out and hear the full story direct from the Founder of this magical space.

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Alessandra is the breath-taking beauty behind Laya, a word that refers to the state right before Samadhi (Enlightenment) - when the mind is clear, the ego is dissolved, and you’re in what Alessandra refers to as “beautiful peaceful suspension”.

That’s exactly what you’ll feel when walking into Laya - or even reading the spa menu, which includes a 90-minute lymphatic detox (more on this epic experience later…).


While Alessandra aims to bring Ayurveda rituals and healings into your blissful spa experience at Laya, she’s also an advocate for us all implementing simple and accessible regimes that can bring the benefits of Ayurveda into our everyday lives.

So, if you can only add ONE new ritual to your daily life - let it be this.

Accessible Ayurveda in the Home

“Application of warm oil self-massage is something everyone should do. Everyday. Preferably in the first thing in the morning.” Alessandra is passionate about the true healing powers of a supportive morning routine, and this is her ultimate self-care tip.

The oils you use are totally dependent on YOU as an individual - which I find even more intriguing.

See, different doshas* call for different oils, and these may change throughout the seasons, as your doshas may as well.

*What the heck is a dosha?! You can find what dosha you are by taking this quick & free test.

The Dream Routine

Alessandra shares that ideally: your morning might look like…

  • Wake up early in the morning to a meditation and breathwork practice,

  • Massage yourself with the appropriate essential oil for your constitution,

  • Take a bath, and

  • Do yoga.


Of course, she’s realistic too - so maybe it’s just a short self-massage practice you incorporate into your morning routine, and that’s great too!

With that said, Alessandra encourages you to think about how you may want to reconsider your nighttime routine to support an equally (if not more) healing morning wake-up regime.

“We tend to feel like our evenings are ‘our time’ to wind down and relax, but how you treat your early mornings can serve an equally - if not much greater - transformative positive influence on your entire life.”

What if the time to enjoy ‘your time’ was in the morning - when you’re fresh and the sun is rising and a whole bright new day is just ahead of you - rather than just seeing after-work hours as ‘your time’?

A Special Regime Specifically For Tension

Alessandra also shared with me a simple ‘hack’ to stop tension right in its tracks - for those days when your neck is stiff, back is sore, or you’re generally feeling not the best ever.

The fool-proof protocol?

A hammam glove + African black soap.

Grab your swanky exfoliating spa glove, some natural and delicious-smelling black soap, and rub in the spots you feel tension. Drawing circulation to the area will help to release the tension build-up so that you can stop it before it escalates (think: saying goodbye to nasty migraines!).

And if you’re a Toronto-local and want to take this all up a notch, my go-top pick for Spring cleansing - Ayurveda style:

The Lymphatic Detox at Laya Spa


This detoxifying treatment illuminates your soul! Designed to promote healthy circulation of lymph fluid and can address possible edema by flushing the lymphatic system. Ayurvedic herbs are thoughtfully assembled to create a body paste from heaven, ingredients are all natural and effectively aid in promoting a healing experience.

Treatment Highlights: Dry Brushing, Healing face mask, Body wrap, full body massage; 30 Minute steam included.

Treatment Highlights: Deeply detoxifying, dry brushing to increase circulation and help reduce edema and inflammation. Includes a 30 min steam bath.

I can attest to how powerfully healing this treatment really is - it’s exhilarating yet relaxing. You truly feel like all parts of you that were once stagnant or ‘blocked’, come into their own and make way for a gentle flow of release.

The dry brushing was energizing but at the same time very soothing, and the mud that gets delightfully painted over you right after: HEAVEN. Then, after about 30 minutes of being wrapped up and feeling like you’re in the world’s most comfortable cocoon (whilst enjoying a head and scalp massage may I add!) - the full body massage that follows and closes this special treat to the body, mind, and spirit is welcomed and so perfectly calming.