Blue Tansy – The Aquamarine Floral Oil That Has Skincare Feeling Blue


This year I've fallen deeply in-love with a few specific skincare oils, serums and moisturizers - and I've realized they all hold one thing in common. The secret link, so to speak, is blue. Blue tansy, to be precise.

I consulted my all-knowing skincare expert + herbalist Sonja, the Founder of Double Happiness Skincare, to learn more about why this ingredient is worth the premium-priced hype and adoration. The following are her words of wisdom...

In today’s beauty world it’s easy to become a skeptic of the healing power of ingredients when everything seems to be labelled “it” or “superstar”, but blue tansy (scientifically known as tanacetrum annuum and shouldn’t be confused with tansy oil) is one of mother nature’s hidden gems.


What is blue tansy?

A rare commodity, blue tansy is distilled from a North African flower and its bold hue comes from a chemical reaction that occurs when the flower is steam distilled. A favourite among small-batch skincare makers, blue tansy is well-known and respected for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that calm red, irritated and itchy skin; plus, its enchanting scent will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression!

What are its benefits?

Cuts, Bites and Burns

Due to its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties blue tansy is a whiz at helping to soothe bug bites and burns and prevent the spread of bacteria from cuts and scrapes. Simply dab diluted blue tansy to the affected area.


Blue tansy has natural antihistamine properties, but unlike your typical antihistamine medications it won’t make you drowsy. The oil reduces your body’s histamine response to an allergen and can help relieve many annoying seasonal allergy symptoms like sneezing, rashes, runny nose and watery eyes.  

Arthritis and Joint Pain

One element that makes blue tansy such an effective healer is its anti-inflammatory properties which is critical in alleviating the pain of sore muscles, joint stiffness and aches.


Stress is a common, and constant, part of our lives and unfortunately has very damaging effects to our health which is why it’s so vital to try and reduce it. Blue tansy has an intoxicating, warm and herbaceous aroma that can put your mind at ease in an instant I take a diluted vial with me on trips to rub on my wrists whenever I need a little mental grounding, but you can also add the essential oil to a diffuser. Either way works wonders to calm the mind!


Everyone can benefit from using this special floral oil because of its rich antioxidant content, but skincare makers who include blue tansy in their products are typically targeting people with sensitive skin, acne and even eczema. Women, whose skin is freaking out from stress, the environment or overuse of prescription topical, will find blue tansy especially beneficial as it gently guides the skin back to homeostasis.

As you can see blue tansy is a multitasking must-have, but this oil is highly sought after, and in severe shortage, so unfortunately you’ll find fakes on the market in skincare products. Always be mindful of who you’re buying from to not waste your hard earned money!


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