Body By Chosen Takes Community Fitness to the Next Level

I've said (or written) it before, and I'll say (and write) it again: community is the greatest healer, and the #1 factor to optimal health.

So it makes sense that fitness that's done in with high-vibe, community-mindset is bound to be contagiously successful - and that's exactly what Body By Chosen is. 

Starting out as personal training (with a boxing focus) in the park, Dwayne and his Co-Founder Sean have authentically built the fast-growing fitness movement every cool Torontonian can't get enough of. Step one foot into the hip loft space they have on Church St., and you'll feel it too.


I connected with Sean to see for myself what all the fuss was about, and he reiterated the important element that's often missing in gyms/fitness programs these days: presence & practicality.

Might not seem "sexy" - but it's the truth.

While we may hit the gym with the goal to look a certain way, the reality behind your why should be rooted in overall health. Adding value and improving your everyday - everyday - is an epic upgrade that should take front and centre. Sean explained that the key is taking it one day at a time, knowing they'll be days and moments when you slip up, but that's life, and with a supportive community to keep you going, anything can be achieved and sustained.

While you may not have the resources to sign up to a fancy new gym, find your tribe, and I promise if you align yourself with the right people, any goal is possible!

And for when the gym is literally out of reach...

Sean's Top 5 Moves for an Effective Workout on the Go

1. Jumping Jacks

A great workout to get the blood flowing and the full body all warmed up and activated. 

2. Basic Squat

Squats are easily one of the best workouts, and you can do them anywhere. Great lower body workout but also essential for a strong core.


3. Push Ups

Great because they can be modified in so many different ways. Very effective for chest muscles as well as your triceps - again, keep your core activated and they will also give your midsection some work!

4. Mountain Climbers

Another workout to speed up your heart rate, and nice for that lower stomach region.

5. Dips

Really work the tricep muscles, and again can be modified to target other body parts as well.

For those of you interested in a seriously rad yet unpretentious personal training or group class experience - hit up BBC!