Travel like you mean it.

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What if curated travel packages didn't suck? 

Let's face it, many of us desire a vacation that is a truly 'out-of-this-world' escape - without any of the stress, and with alllll of the Instagramming-potential.

Turns out there's 2 incredibly business-savvy social media goddesses that are making that a reality, and you can join them.

I connected with sisters Huda (@hudaalvi) & Sana (@twosaparty_) Alvi to get the low-down on the high-living travel experiences they are bringing to life.

How did this idea manifest and come to be?

Sana and I have always been travellers at heart just like most women, we’ve always envisioned a life filled with travel and experiences. In April of 2018 we decided to make that come true for women around the world.

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For the past year every time we would get together we would always talk about two things. One, how we can work together and build something with each other, and two, how can we travel more. While Sana was building her travel presence online she had the opportunity to travel to almost 20 cities last year alone. I had shut down my business and I was going through a financial crunch and strategizing my new career move. One day while sitting on the couch I had told her that I would love to plan a retreat for girls in Tulum. Something that would bring experiences, excursions, new friendships and women together. Instantly Sana was like "I would love to do that too!". With no time being wasted we started brainstorming and came to realize some very prominent barriers for women when it comes to travel. Most of it was based off of our personal experiences. The Girls Trip was born and we were off planning our first trip and everything it would encompass and all the problems we would solve.

Why women only?

Why not?

There has never been a better time to focus on the most intelligent, brilliant, brave and courageous population!

We love women and we understand that a lot of women want to see the world. We recognize that women have challenges making that dream come true. For some its finance, for some it’s no one to go with, for some it’s a matter of not having to plan and figure things out. We solve all those problems and they love it. It’s extremely rewarding to work with women and we are huge advocates of women issues, women based businesses, and ensuring that we are encouraging those types of conversations.

The importance of travel for the Alvi sisters:

"I experiences big life moments very early in my life - Everything from getting married at 18, to being pregnant at the ages of 20 and 22, going through a divorce at the age of 23 and getting remarried at the age of 27. In between I also started a few businesses. I’ve gone through many painstaking and rough experiences in my life and the only thing that kept me sane and in check was my ability to pick up and travel with my friends.

Every hurdle, every problem, seems minute when you travel. It’s almost like you feel like the world is yours. You have the potential to make change, to achieve and to overcome anything.

I grew as a person, I empathized with locals during my travel and I realized that the world is so much more than our daily problems, daily doings and daily chores. Travel truly transforms you and there is no better feeling that booking a flight and saying “Ciao”."

- Huda


"I didn't get a chance to travel much in my early twenties. I saw my sister Huda travel with her friends often and every time I tried to make plans with my girlfriends it just wouldn't work out for some reason. My travel journey started with my hubby when we got married two years ago and the only regret I have is not doing it sooner.

Once you start travelling it makes you a different person. You start understanding yourself better, you start answering those BIG questions in your life that you never had the answers for. Travel gives your life meaning and helps you understand different perspectives but most appreciate all the things you have.

Now that majority of the travel has happened with my hubby, I have been craving travelling with other women and like minded babes. Hence why we created THE GIRLS TRIP!"

- Sana


What are the 3 essential elements to any transformational travel adventure?

A solo adventure, meeting new people and lastly, being one with the locals.

The biggest mistake most people make when booking travel?

Not understanding that there are experiences beyond what you see online. A lot of packages pair you up with tours and excursions that can be pretty boring or completely different that what you imagined. It’s important picking a package that brings those experiences to life with a knowledgeable tour guide and out of the box experiences with locals.

You won’t find yourself on a plane without your…?

Books, headphones and chocolates.

Favourite trips?

Greece - Heaven on Earth.

Maldives - Luxury at it’s finest.

Bali - Self discovery and culture.

Italy - Good food and gelato all day!

You’ll get the most out of your Girls Trip if you go in with the following mindset…

Exploration, Transformation, Experience.