6 Wellness Stars to Look Out For in 2019

Researching and testing the best of the best when it comes to wellness elevation products and services has introduced me to some of the most unique, inspiring, and progressive thought-leaders in the health & wellness space - and it's time you meet them too.

These fine folks are a wealth of knowledge and a vital resource if you're interested in holistic health and healing.

1. Joey Wargachuk



I connected with Joey through completing his Crystal Master Course at Happy Soul - but beyond his epic crystal knowledge, he's a Tarot Reader, as well as a certified Reiki Master and teacher. What makes him extra special though, is his fearless insight and experimentation in the digital marketing and communications space. Talk about being a "current" entrepreneur in one of the fastest emerging new age industries hitting the mainstream: crystal healing!

If there's ANYTHING you "don't get" about crystals, this man will clear it up for you - linking up the science with the spirituality in a way that's truly magical (yet proven).

You can catch his exclusive video guidance on exactly how to use the specially curated crystal set included in my Essentials Kit.

2. Sonja Flay


Mindful skincare that's 100% natural and made with only sustainably harvested oils - that actually works to help heal, balance and strengthen sensitive and problematic skin has arrived...and it's less expensive than you think. It's all thanks to Founder, Sonja, a studying herbalist whose interest in the curative properties of plants, used for both internal and external health, began when she was very young. 


Her passion for this area grew when she put her studies into practice and began blending skincare products for family and friends. She knew she had found her true calling when those who had tried her products instantly fell in love - me being one of them! I still remember the day we first sat down for a tea date and I was shocked at how she knew EVERYTHING there was possibly to know about skincare...literally from the water you use to wash your face all the way up to HOW you execute your regime - acknowledging the importance of having love and intent behind every step.

Double Happiness is more than a product line, it’s a philosophy and celebration of our nature, as we’re meant to be. This is a brand that's about to hit the mainstream soon - so get yourself acquainted today.

Naturally, she was my go-to source for getting my hands on the versatile skincare ingredient I share as the Mindfully Clean offering in my Essentials Kit. Sonja also enthusiastically provides an online video tutorial on how + why to use it for all purchasers.

3. Gurjot Narwal

Full time entrepreneur working on the most progressive and EPIC health, nutrition and lifestyle startup I have ever come across: Gini Health

It's a personal health & fitness assistant powered by your genetic code - and just as unbelievably cool as you think...

I experienced the analysis for myself back in February of this year, and since then the platform has been rolling out countless new features for increased motivation, efficiency, and ease when it comes to eating & living as it best serves YOU as a unique individual. 

Picking Gurjot's brain on anything to do with diet and nutrition is like leaping into the future - finally getting the answers that not only make scientific sense, they just FEEL so right...it's information that resonates at a deeper spiritual level that is empowering and quite frankly: life-changing. 


Currently, Gini Health is invite-only - but Gurjot graciously made an exception for all Essentials Kit purchasers to get unlimited access into the app with full personalized nutritional analysis and guidance.

4. Genevieve Kang


Wellness beauty & brains behind KIKAN BLVD., Gen has a way of transcending some of the most "out there" and swanky superfood ingredients, holistic regimes, and nutritional chef techniques in a way that's perfectly aspirational yet approachable. 


In all honesty, I'm not one to "follow" many wellness bloggers/'influencers', as I tend to stick with my own inquisitions and consult the scientific background and research as necessary to support my trials and testing - but I make an exception for @kikanblvd. Her imagery and approach to modern holistic living is second to none, and big things are in this woman's future (including a budding acting career!).

Gen was the inspiration behind the underrated superfood substance I chose for the Mindfully Strong component in my Essentials Kit - she's always ahead of the times when it comes to ingredients that work wonders on the body from a physical as well as emotional standpoint.

5. David Avocado Wolfe


You either love him or you love him (I love him). Needless to say: I'm a huge DAW groupie...but not just for his contagious energy or radical presentation skills - he's got some of the most forward-thinking and revolutionary information when it comes to nourishing and healing our bodies from the inside out. He has a knack for merging hidden science with spiritual enlightenment to deliver guidance and tips that we can implement into our daily lives to drastically level-up our health.

Rather than just regurgitating whatever's "trending" in the wellness world (like most other thought-leaders in the space do) he delivers truth and under-the-radar resources to help you source and use the best ever products and services - regardless of their 'mainstream appeal'. 


Speaking of which, he was the one who hooked me up with the greatest detoxification supplement I've ever used and still use to this day. I've experienced so many benefits in my nutritional health since taking it that I included it in the Mindfully Edible portion of my Essentials Kit. It's hard (impossible?!) to get your hands on it in Canada, but thankfully David knew a source I was able to ship it in from. This man is connected and you'll continue to hear more from him as our society seeks answers to deep holistic healing with alternative medicine. 

6. Julia Garcia


Don't let her lashes or hoop earrings fool you: this woman is spiritual AF. As one of the only certified Inferno Hot Pilates instructors in Toronto, Julia is making (heat)waves in the wellness world - merging the intensity of controlled movements with mindful breathing for full body, mind & spirit transformation. 

I'm not always a fan of the way fitness is marketed in today's world consumed with aesthetic pursuits above all else...but Julia takes a uniquely spiritual approach that is still modern, hip, and resonates with the real city young professional of today.  

MYNDFULME1 (1).jpg

While Julia is a newcomer to Toronto, she's marking her territory fast - opening the very first Mindful Fitness Studio in the downtown core (launching September 2018), which I'm thrilled to be involved with + offer membership exclusively for Essentials Kit purchasers.