Atma Things: Catalysts that Help You Be Present in the Moment

It isn’t everyday you come across products that are crystal-activated, lunar-energized, and enhanced with sound therapy.

Now you don’t have to live in the posh suburbs of some under-the-radar California wellness town to get your hands on some seriously next-level wellness self-care goodies.

I’d like to introduce you to the wonderful human that is Jessie Aura from Atma Things


“I’m most commonly known as a tarot reader but I like to describe myself as an energetic alchemist, artist and actress. Through my energy work, the making of Atma Things Self-Care products and even through acting, I take deep dark emotional feelings and I turn them into an uplifting and heart-centered way of being by altering the message and the perspective to be one of awareness and mindfulness.”

Atma Things are literally some of my favourite things - not just because they are organic, high-quality, etc. etc. allllll of the Kiki-approved things…but moreso because they just FEEL different. There’s something magically special about each and every item - an amplified energy within and around them that seeps into the experience of using the products. The result is not only an “enjoyable” self-care experience - but rather a transformational honouring and indulgence of yourself…a feeling that brings you closer to the light and life-force energy.

Why?! HOW?!

I believe it’s in the process

This is how Jessie amplifies Atma Things:

  1. “activated with crystals,  If we were to take Nikola Tesla’s theories of frequency, vibrations, and energy, we know that the crystals emit and energy vibration conducive to life because each crystal was formed through the process of life.  In that, the individual frequencies of crystals activate frequencies within us and the human body. When mindfully applying crystal energized products, we automatically shift our own vibration and frequency to be in alignment with the life energy of the crystals.  That doesn’t mean that the crystals can heal us but it does mean that the crystals and the energy they emit can inspire us to change and better ourselves, and go back to a state of alignment within our major energy meridians in our body. It’s true that only crystals cannot do this.  We need to work with them and by work I mean make the changes, but the crystals bring an energy to us that seeks connection and wholeness. The crystals inspire and open up subconscious portals within us that remind us of our original ascenstral light beings. Thus to be activated by crystals is to be inspired to find our original state of love again.    

  2. energized by the moon, It’s already proven that the earth’s water is affected by the moon.  When the moon is full the earth's surface has more negative ions and when the moon is new the earth's surface has more positive ions.  This is also why agriculture and almanacs so heavily depend on the moon's phases. So if the earth's water is affected by water and humans are beings of the earth and our bodies are on average 60% water, then we are most definitely affected by the moon as well.  Cultural and spiritual associations to the moon are an entirely different interview, but from a scientific perspective alone the moon, in certain phases, has the ability to alter our conscious and subconscious neurology. Understanding this energetic shift within us only betters our understanding of others and then leads to a more harmonious and holistic way of life.

  3. enhanced with sound therapy, so with the crystals you have the vibrational light energy that inspires healing, with the moon you have the magnetic and gravitational force fields that affects our neuroscience, and lastly with the power of cymatics, also known as sound therapy, it is suggested that physical healing can be aided with vibrational frequencies (sound).  Sound frequencies affect us on multiple levels and our brain in particular, as the brain operates at various states of brainwave patterns and each pattern determines the state of mind. These brain waves are referred to as Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma. When we introduce external sound waves it has been proven that the state of the mind also changes. The Solfeggio scale in particular are six frequencies that are said do be able to heal the body, mind, and spirit and are used most commonly in the sound healing world.”  

396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear,

417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change,

528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair),

639 Hz  - Connecting/Relationships,

741 Hz – Expression/Solutions,

852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order

“When I create the Atma Things products the goal is to enhance the frequency and vibration of the product and when it’s mindfully used, the frequency it carries onto you.  It’s not proven scientifically but according to all the emails and messages I get about how the products are inspiring people to heal, that’s all the validation I need to continue doing what I do.”

So what does this successful wellness powerhouse have to share with other female entrepreneurs in the space?!

  1. Success is loving what you do and not giving it away for free just because you love it. Yes, you love it so much and believe in it that you just want everybody to have it, and they can, at a cost. Even if it’s reduced to wholesale cost or a favour at an equal value, but there needs to be an exchange of value for value. You will not feel financially successful if you can’t pay your bills. You will not feel spiritually supported or guided if you’re always stressed about money, and physically you will lose sight of your passion if you can’t sustain or uplift your physical lifestyle. Yes we want to help, heal, care for, hold space, and honour the spiritual process, but ultimately we are spiritual beings having a human experience and we need to provide for ourselves in order to continue experiencing. There is nothing wrong with money, or service exchange. It is a type of value and it needs to be embraced. The more you value yourself, the more you will be able to say yes please, and thank you! I could go on and on for days on this topic….Ultimately, I feel as though success is not about how well your business does financially, but instead I feel it’s how well you operate your business while still feeling honoured and valued.

  2. The wellpreneur industry has blown up, and fast! But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more.  If you feel intuitively guided to move in that direction and offer services that uphold body, mind, and soul, then don’t doubt yourself by comparing yourself to someone else's story and credentials, and marketing budget. The key is not to compare, but to focus in on your strengths and values even more. If you want to be a healer but you don’t do reiki or you don’t trust yourself to do reiki but you’re a kickass writer, than write about reiki and your experiences with it. If your a bomb ass chef and you love to cook and everything you cook brings a smile to your face then use that as your holistic healing modality. Not everybody has to be a tarot reader, medium, or reiki master. There are so many untapped methods of holistic lifestyle and healing that can still be delved into. Stop trying to be like the wellpreneurs you look up to and strive to be more like yourself and then offer the best of you as the service. Take me for instance, I’m an actress. I intend on creating more content that sheds light on the spiritual beings that we truly are, be it short film, feature film, or episodics. I’ll do this while continuing to use Atma Things self-care products as my platform for growth and upliftment and sharing through the bursts of inspiration that come through my creative processes. There is enough room for all of us.

  3. Take classes to support your entrepreneurship as often as you can. Be it financial planning and budgeting, social media, how to write a book, how to be a public speaker, reiki, shamanism, ayurveda, naturopathy, whatever it is that would strengthen your game. Take classes! The more you invest in yourself the more you’ll learn about how to thrive and not just survive. Not only that but the more you learn from other people's mistakes, the less you’ll make mistakes of your own. It is so incredibly imperative to understand that we are ALWAYS learning and we are never above anyone, so humble yourself, be an active member of the community, support other peoples ventures, and continue to learn from others who are happily offering what they already know.  Now with that said, do your research and be sure they are teaching you at the caliber you require to grow and push you outside of your comfort zone and inspire you too. Allocate a part of your income to go towards classes and education if possible.