Lemon Balm Tincture: The Greatest Heal-All You Need To Stress-Less

One of my all-time favourite 'heal-all' plants is none other than lemon balm.

If there's something EVERYONE can benefit from - it's this.

An essential herb for calming the nerves, and that doesn't just apply to "stressed-out" folks...it can also work wonders for those who are already completely "relaxed" - but still suffer with some gut issues. 

"Many people suffer from various sensitivities in the gut, with complicated and confusing misdiagnoses involved. What’s often behind these problems are nerve endings that have become hypersensitive around the digestive organs. Nerves play a role in much of the digestive distress we experience in this day and age. For instance, inflamed phrenic nerves (which control the diaphragm and therefore influence the stomach) and vagus nerves (which run through the diaphragm and govern the stomach and digestion) are sometimes behind digestive sensitivities, as are nerves that connect the spine and digestive tract. 

If someone’s stomach or intestines are irritated for no identifiable reason, it’s usually due to sensitive nerves."

- Anthony Williams, The Medical Medium

Of course, if you do happen to experience some anxiety now and again (because you are human) - again, lemon balm will come to your rescue.

"Lemon Balm contains the active compound "rosmarinic acid" - an enzyme which effectively increases GABA (gamma amino-butyric acid) in the brain. GABA is one of the inhibitory neurotransmitters, used by the brain to prevent over-excitement and attain balance. It is responsible for ensuring that we are not overly stressed and plays a role in sleep cycles. Increasing stimulation of GABA receptors will produce a sedative or calming effect and explains why Lemon Balm works well as an anti-anxiety herb."

- Indigo Herbs

Truly, it's an amazing herb - unfortunately, drinking lemon balm tea all day long isn't always possible...especially when you're on the go! Instead of lugging a huge pitcher of the tea around with me (was fun for all of about an hour) - I've found success in using a very potent tincture, made with only organic and non-GMO vegetable glycerin (thus being alcohol-free) and fresh lemon balm leaves from a local organic farm run by a dear friend of mine, Kat of Lady Gaia

I only started making my own after finding it completely impossible to get my hands on an all-organic ALCOHOL-FREE tincture of lemon balm. 

Why is this bad? Well, as Anthony William addresses in Life Changing Foods, alcohol in herbal tinctures nullifies the supplement’s beneficial elements. In addition, the typical alcohol used in tinctures is GMO corn-grade alcohol. Although some tinctures contain grape alcohol, any amount of alcohol in a tincture tends to impede the effective delivery of the herb into the body.

While Herb Pharm supposedly has a good one, it's way too expensive to get it in Canada:

Herb Pharm.png

So I took it upon myself to make the longevity and wellness super supplement that is my all-organic and non-GMO lemon balm glycerite tincture! I use 4-6 drops anywhere from 3-5 times per day...depending on how much settling and soothing I need in my day. It's a dream before and after heavier meals, and a few drops before bedtime does the trick for a stellar nights sleep every-time.


As I made a HUGE batch this last time around, I'm selling them to local (GTA) friends and family! I only have 12 left, and I'm selling them for $20 per bottle. Feel free to comment below or message me directly if you'd like me to save you one.